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Jim Edmonds’ recent public jabs lead Meghan King to accuse him of exercising “coercive control.”

The latest argument between Jim Edmonds and Meghan King makes it obvious that the effects of the divorce aren’t going away.

They remained wed for nearly exactly five years, as Vicki Gunvalson famously predicted. It appears as though their conflict may continue for a while longer right now.

It’s not just that co-parenting is challenging or that they have a lot of hurt feelings.

After his very public comments regarding their shared custody arrangement, Jim is being accused by Meghan of “coercive control.”

Meghan King talked about something painful on her Instagram Story on February 15th.

She bragged while wiping away her tears that “nobody really talks about coercive control and the after effects of divorce.” That was only the start.

“People often say things will improve with time. With time, it’ll get better,” Meghan said. “Three years have passed.”
Online sources define coercive control as methods that aim to hurt, punish, or frighten the target and can range from violence to humiliation.

It is implied that her ex-husband is allegedly using their ongoing relationship as a form of punishment against her.

“’When? I have to wait until what time. Meghan enquired. “I was told by attorneys. The coordinator, my parents, and everyone else told me that. It gets worse.

Meghan did not go into great detail about her claims. She might be making reference to a private dispute of some sort. If so, her lawyer would undoubtedly advise her against bringing it up outside of court.

Meghan may be referring, at least in part, to things we have already heard, but that is also very possible.

Since their divorce, Jim Edmonds has disparaged her in almost every way imaginable. She mentioned that it had been years.

Jim recently accused Meghan of taking a “narcissism retreat” both on his own and more directly through a rep.

He allegedly changed his Super Bowl plans in order to spend more time with the children, but was unable to. At that time, a nanny watched the children. He said that, at least.

Naturally, we are unable to verify any of that. Jim has asserted that, though.
The “narcissism retreat” he speaks of was simply… Traveling to Sedona, Arizona, is Meghan.

After the weekend, Meghan said, “I opened a new chapter, one where I solidified my footprint in the entrepreneurial realm as well as the love department.”

But, even if they aren’t letting their accusatory statements bleed over into how they talk around their kids, this can all impact their children.

We hope that they are both still thinking of their children as their first priority.


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