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Jeff Thomas sudden death has been divided into two camps: murder or suicide

Celebrity gay model Jeff Thomas passed away on March 15. This was reported in the media. According to reports, the 35-year-old social media influencer committed suicide in his Florida condo. On March 8, Jeff’s body was discovered in his opulent Miami residence on Brickell Avenue, according to the tabloid news organisation TMZ.

What exactly took place? It’s all explained here.

The dead body was discovered by the responding local police lying on a sidewalk. By 4:12 PM, the emergency personnel declared it dead. The investigating authorities are still looking for the actual cause of death even though the autopsy has already been finished. When the news broke, there have been rumours that Jeff Thomas committed suicide. The late model might have accidentally drowned himself by jumping from his balcony, according to information obtained.

Skylar Ray Thomas, Jeff’s brother, gave a hint:

Following Jeff’s passing, his brother, Skylar Ray Thomas, hinted on Facebook that he may have committed suicide due to his addiction and mental health problems. “Jeff has travelled the world and lived life to the fullest, as you have observed throughout the years. What you might not be aware of is that Jeff battled drugs and issues with his mental health, which finally resulted in his tragic death,” he said.

Luli Batista, Thomas’ agent, has however entered the debate and asserted that the model might have perished while attempting to take a photo from his balcony. The Sovereign Talent Group employee Batista told the Daily Mail that she thought a bizarre accident killed the late gay model. She emphasises in the interview, “He might have tripped over while snapping the selfie. I simply find it hard to accept that he actually did this on purpose.”

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The agent confirmed that just the day before, she had discussed an impending audition with Jeff. About which he had expressed excitement and self-promotion. According to Batista, the suicide idea that has been put up in the press articles regarding Jeff’s death is “completely disrespectful to his character and who he was”. Which is consistent with comments made by Jeff’s cousin Meghan Rae.


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