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Jawai River Rajasthan | Places To Visit Near Jawai

Jawai River History in Hindi: Whenever the history of India is read, the history of Indian rivers is also read along with it. It is said that the history of some rivers present in India is even older than India.
Among these major rivers, jawai river is also a major river. This river is also life-giving for many places. In this article, we are going to tell you about the origin of river as well as some interesting facts. Let’s know. also read:Janhvi Kapoor shared images from the roundtable talk
Origin of River Jawai
River originates in the Alawari mountain range in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. It is a major river for Rajasthan as well as India. The length of this river is about 96 km.
The Jawai river of Rajasthan flows in Jalore, Pali and Udaipur. From Jalore, the Jawai river changes course and finally merges into the Luna river. (Places to visit in Udaipur))
Importance of Jawai River for Rajasthan
Less so for any other state, but for Rajasthan, the river is very important. The water of this river is used to overcome the problem of water in Rajasthan.
Not only for cities, but also the villages situated on the banks of this river keep using water for livelihood. Apart from this, the water of the river is used from time to time for farming.
Importance of Jawai Dam
Jawai Dam is enough to know how important the water of this river is. Yes, Dam has been constructed to use the water of this river. Or the dam is located in Sumerpur in Pali district. It is said that the construction of this dam started in the year 1946 and its work was completed around 1957.
Places to roam around Jawai Dam
Jawai Dam is also a center of biodiversity and thousands of people keep arriving to visit here. It is also known as sanctuary. This dam is also famous for migratory birds. It is said that most tourists come here to visit, especially in the winter season. Other places to visit around  Dam:
Lakhotia Garden
Parshuram Mahadev Temple and
Bangur Museum

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