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Janet Jackson bonds with a ‘Today’ host superfan on the NBC morning show

Sheinelle Jones a Janet Jackson superfan, of the show ‘Today’, got to live her dream when the “Rhythm Nation” artist spent some time on the NBC morning show Friday.

Jones introduced as “perhaps the best Janet Jackson impersonator of all time”

Jones introduced as “perhaps the best Janet Jackson impersonator of all time”,Janet Jackson was chatting quietly with a six-person host lineup on the show. It seized the moment to tell her idol her truest thoughts. Jones stood up and walked over to the international superstar. This caused co-host Dylan Dreyer to quip, “Sheinelle, don’t get weird.”

This happened after co-host Craig Melvin joked that Jones could join Jackson on tour. This was only to have Jackson say sincerely that Jones should join her. Jones told Dreyer, “I’m not going to get weird,” Then, he requested, “Let me stay in my body.” Her true feelings were about to come out. also read:-Vin Diesel starred in Avatar: The Way of Water? Akshay Kumar attended the special screening

Jones told Jackson that she had grown up in Wichita, Kan. All with, “surrounded by excellence” in her community and family and had gravitated toward TV and entertainment.

‘Why you’re so important to me?’

She told the singer after, “Why you’re so important to me,” “is if you can see it, you can be it. And I think about women and girls who I would see on TV, and back then, four decades ago, you didn’t see people who looked like me.

So I saw Rudy Huxtable, I wanted to be Rudy. I saw Denise [Huxtable] and I wanted to go to Hillman on ‘A Different World.’ And then I saw Phylicia Rashad. And then I saw you: fierce, vulnerable, funky, beautiful. You could dance, like, all the things. You would be shy and then you would get on that stage and you would just slay — before they even used that word.”

Jones kept going and Jackson looked on with a big smile on her face. “What Have You Done for Me Lately”, she said. Jones said, “My daughter, who’s 10, can scroll down Instagram and see all of these faces,” . “I couldn’t scroll. I just saw you. And I was in my basement with a key on my earring, I had cheerleading pictures on one wall. I had news anchors on one wall, from Wichita — and you.”

Jackson hoping she could touch someone in a positive way

Janet Jackson said, “It’s part of why you do what you do, hoping you could touch someone in a positive way, make a difference, even if it’s just one person’s life — you’ve accomplished, you’ve succeeded,”.After Jackson was gone, in a later segment, Jones told Melvin and Dreyer that the exchange was not set up in advance.


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