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Jal Mahal: This Palace is in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake, read to know more

The Jal Mahal palace is a magnificent example of Rajput architecture, which is prevalent throughout Rajasthan. The structure provides a beautiful perspective of Man Sagar Lake, but because to its isolation from the surrounding country. It is also the subject of a viewpoint from the Man Sagar Dam on the eastern side of the lake, with the Nahargarh (“tiger-abode”) hills serving as a backdrop. The palace is a five-story structure made of red sandstone, of which four floors are submerged when the lake is full and the top floor is visible. On the roof, there is one rectangular Chhatri that is of Bengali design. The four corner chhatris are octagonal in shape.

The cenotaphs and chhatris of the royal family

Chhatris and cenotaphs have been built in Gaitore, across from the lake, atop cremation platforms used by a few of the Kachwaha kings of Jaipur. Jai Singh II constructed them within beautifully planted grounds. Among others, the cenotaphs honour Pratap Singh, Madho Singh II, and Jai Singh II. The marble cenotaph of Jai Singh II features stunning, complex workmanship. It has 20 carved pillars supporting a dome.

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In 2004, the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation decided to take matters into its own hands and attempt to restore the monument to its former splendour. They entered into a contract with Jal Mahal Resorts, giving them a 99-year lease to develop 100 acres next to the palace and Man Sagar Lake, where Jal Mahal is located. A business mogul, Navratan Kothari Chairman KGK Group, received the 99-year lease.

Joint-sector initiative

In 2011, Jal Mahal Palace had undergone restoration. With an expected investment of 150 crores, the Man Sagar Lake restoration project has developed a plan with a variety of project components. This project is one of the largest and most distinctive of its kind in India. As a result, the initiative has numerous stakeholders and beneficiaries.


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