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Indian Railways will have the largest “Green Railways” in the world.

The whole Broad Gauge network of Indian Railways is being electrified as part of an ambitious strategy. The Railways have increased the percentage of their network that is electrified to 83% in an effort to lessen their reliance on petroleum-based energy sources and to achieve pollution-free and energy-efficient operations. In the past eight years, more over 32,000 route kilometres (RKMs) have been electrified (since 2014).
By 2030, Indian Railways wants to be the largest “Green Railway” in the world with zero carbon emissions.
A total of 1,973 route km (2,647 TKM) were electrified in 2022–2023. When compared to the prior year, this is up 41%. East Coast Railway (ECOR), South Eastern Railway (SER), Western Railway (WR), Eastern Railway (ER), and North Central Railway (NCR) are the five zonal railways that have undergone complete electrification. Additionally, the railways have currently finished electrifying 296 km of sidings and 1,161 km of double lines. Thus, a total of 4,100 TKM have been electrified in FY 2022–2023.
The Indian Railways achieved a record electrification of 6,366 route kilometres in FY 2021–22. 6,015 RKMs were electrified in the years 2020–21.
In addition, the following routes currently offer last mile seamless connectivity on electric traction:
From New Delhi to Ramnagar or Kathgodam
Samakhiali to New Delhi
Kanyakumari to Chennai
Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the connection between national growth and Indian Railways reforms and development during the nation’s seventh Vande Bharat Express’s inauguration on Friday. In the first 70 years of Independence, 20,000 route kilometres of train lines were electrified, he continued.
The federal government is making record investments in the modern train infrastructure, the prime minister declared. He also emphasised the advancements made in the areas of facilities, coordination, capability, cleanliness, safety, and cleanliness on the railways.

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The railroads have set a tentative goal of fully electrifying all broad-gauge routes by December 2023 as they work quickly to become the first green railroads in the world.
If all goes according to plan, we will reach our goal of being the first net zero-emission, 100% green railway in the world by the year 2030. The installation of solar panels on the station buildings’ roofs will also enable us to begin supplying all railway stations’ energy needs, according to a senior official.

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