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BCCI has made Yo-Yo test mandatory for players again.

The Yo-Yo test, which was first introduced under Virat Kohli’s captaincy, has returned to the selection process. The BCCI has made it essential for players. The decision appears to have been made in response to the Indian cricket team’s recent subpar field performances and the increased incidence of injuries. Since getting the “passing score” on the Yo-Yo test is now required, it will presumably be harder for many players to make the squad.
There are still a few players who have historically aced the test.
A player must receive a score of 16.5 in order to pass the Yo-Yo exam, according to the most recent BCCI criteria. According to PTI, the previous passing score was 16.1.
The Yo-Yo test is a 2-km time circuit trial that is designed to gauge a player’s speed and stamina. This periodic trial will be required of all players who are eligible for selection. Right now, no player would be allowed to join the Indian team if they fail this test.
Additionally, fast bowlers are subjected to a little more difficult fitness test than other players. Fast bowlers must finish the test in less time. Than other players like batsmen, spinners, and wicketkeepers due to their function and the demands of the game.

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Several Indian athletes were able to perform admirably in the Yo-Yo Test.
Players like Manish Pandey, Karun Nair, and Mayank Dagar reportedly exceeded the 19-point threshold in the exam back in the day. Virat Kohli is a member of the current team that excelled in the Yo-Yo Test. Kohli has previously surpassed the 19-point threshold.
Even Hardik Pandya is rumoured to have performed exceptionally well on the test back when it was required. It wouldn’t be shocking if Hardik again passed the exam given the level of fitness he has maintained.

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