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How many types of Passports and visas are there and what is the difference?

Difference between Passports and Visa : We and you definitely think about passport and visa whenever we think of traveling outside the country i.e. traveling abroad for some work. There are also many people who have the question in their mind that what is the difference between passport and visa. It is also seen that many people consider these two things to be the same.

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In such a situation, you are still confused about what is passport and visa and what is the difference between them, then you must read this article.

Yes, in this article, along with telling the difference between passport and visa, we are also going to tell how many types of passport and visa are there. Let’s know.

What is passport?.

First of all, let’s know what a passport is. Passport is a main certificate or document identifying a passenger during his travel abroad. A passport is an official document issued by the Indian government that indicates the identity and nationality of the person.

Passport contains the person’s photo, citizenship, name, parent’s name. There is information like gender birth date. This information is very important for moving from one country to another, which is present in the passport. Therefore, whenever someone has to go abroad, he applies for a passport.

How many types of passports are there?

It is said that mainly Indian passports are of 4-5 ways. As

  • Ordinary passport- Ordinary passport is also known by many as ordinary passport. This is for those who go abroad to travel.
  • Official passport- Official i.e. official is given to a government employee who is working in another country.
  • Diplomatic Passport- Diplomatic passport is given to these people who work as embassies in another country.
  • Temporary passport- This is for those who have given the passport during foreign travel, as it is for a short time.

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