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Guneet Monga didn’t get an opportunity to give her winning speech.

The Elephant Whisperers, a documentary produced by Guneet Monga, won the Best Documentary Short Film Oscar at the 2023 Academy Awards. It is undoubtedly a proud occasion for India, and Guneet and director Kartiki Gonsalves have been receiving support online. But recently, a video from the Oscars went viral, showing that Guneet was denied the chance to deliver her acceptance speech. In a recent interview, the legendary producer responded to the same and expressed her disbelief.

‘There was a shock on my face’

Guneet expressed her “great disheartenment” at having her speech cut short to the Bombay Times. She claimed that when she realised she couldn’t have travelled so far and gone unheard, her heart began to race. She added that many are insulted by the fact that she was not given the opportunity to deliver her remarks. Guneet remarked, “My face was filled with horror. It’s the first Oscar for an Indian production, which is a big accomplishment, is all I wanted to say.”

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She went on, “There are tweets and videos online from people who are disappointed that I wasn’t able to speak. This was India’s moment stolen away from me. But then I reasoned that it would be okay because I would return here and make sure that my voice was heard. I’ve had several chances to express my ideas, and it’s encouraging to see all the affection. So here, a little compassion may go a long way.”

On Friday morning, Guneet Monga was spotted leaving for Mumbai.

At the airport, she was welcomed with open arms. The producer posed for photographs with her Oscars trophy in hand. The press was seen praising her for the significant victory. . in “A sizable competition was held. Another movie in our genre was backed by Malala Yousafzai. The love we are receiving from people all across the world proves that our film was successful across age groups and national boundaries.”


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