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Jung Kyung Ho is the new boyfriend-to-have in K-dramaland

In K-dramaland, Jung Kyung Ho has become the new ideal boyfriend, and with good reason. In addition to winning over millions of people’s hearts worldwide. The actor’s most recent part as Choi Chi Yeol served as a reminder of his development. Having embodied roles stretching across genres. They have observed his stardom shooting up first hand and praise him for the same. He envisaged an alternate reality where Choi Chi Yeol could meet his buddies from the popular television show Hospital Playlist.

Relating to the characters of Jung Kyung Ho

In his most recent film, the 39-year-old actor portrays a famous math professor. Who has an eating issue and is saved by the banchan managed by Nam Haeng Seon of Jeon Do Yeon. A former national athlete who gave up her career to support her family. He assumed the role of Kim Jun Wan in “Hospital Playlist,” a highly specialised cardiothoracic surgeon who rises to become the division’s chief. His pals, known as “Mi Do and the Parasols,” who are all around him, make the experience enjoyable for him.

Crossover between Hospital Playlist and Crash Course in Romance

Jung Kyung Ho believes that Choi Chi Yeol should meet this specific buddy of Kim Jun Wan, one with whom he has an unique friendship, even though doing so will ultimately get in the way of developing his relationship with Nam Haeng Seon.

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One of his four closest pals, Lee Ik Joon, is portrayed by actor Jo Jung Suk. Lee Ik Joon, a general surgeon himself, and Kim Jun Wan cultivate a unique connection that oscillates between unbridled love and uncalled-for arguing. Sun Young Kwak’s character, Jung Kyung Ho, struggles with the temptation to continue being loyal to his sentiments and be honest with his closest friend while Kim Jun Wan starts dating Lee Ik Sun, the younger sister of Lee Ik Joon. If Choi Chi Yeol and Lee Ik Joon were to be together, we believe that their relationship would be equally tumultuous, but as they established a relationship, wouldn’t they end up being the best of friends?


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