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South moive will witness one of the biggest clashes between Ajith Kumar’s Thunivu and Vijay’s Varisu.

This Pongal, South moive will experience one of the largest box office fights it has ever seen thanks to the simultaneous release of Vijay’s Varisu and Ajith Kumar’s Thunivu. Both of these movies’ producers have postponed revealing their release dates. Meanwhile, rumours circulated that the producers planned to release the film on Thursday, January 12. The producer of Thunivu, Boney Kapoor, finally revealed on January 4 evening that the movie would premiere on January 11.

An event like this sparks a lot of excitement:

Dhananjayan The entire cinema industry is anticipating the Pongal releases, according to producer and distributor G Dhananjayan, and there is high demand. “There is a lot of anticipation when two major motion pictures debut on the same day. The theatre industry will be completely shut down for the next 15 days. When two major stars are starring in competing movies, the industry gains some momentum. But now, 2023 is off to a great start, with box office receipts predicted to eclipse those of recent years.

Due to the sharing of theatres, the revenue from both films could decrease:

In the meantime, CV Kumar, a producer, believes that releasing two large films simultaneously is not a wise choice for their producers because the revenue will be shared. “To be honest, less money is getting into the hands of regular people. Today, the average cost of taking the family to the theatre is close to two thousand pounds. People won’t be willing, in my opinion, to shell out $4,000 to see both movies. Therefore, they might wait and only see the movie that has received positive reviews before seeing it on a big screen. The revenue potential for dropping as a result of theatre sharing is the second issue.

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Overhyping of this matchup: Subramaniam Tirupur

This movie conflict is simply being overhyped. Tirupur Subramaniam, distributor and head of the Tamil Nadu Theatre and Multiplex Owners Association, questions whether there will be confrontations during the Russia-Ukraine war. He does, however, concur that because both films are opening on the same day, their producers will suffer financial losses because they are receiving fewer theatres and performances than they would have if they had chosen a single release.


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