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Defense says the Colorado Springs gay club alleged shooter is nonbinary

The suspect in the shooting of five people at the Colorado Springs gay nightclub was termed nonbinary by the suspect’s defense team. The suspect’s name is Anderson Lee Aldrich and he is merely 22 years old. His defenders also informed the court that he uses they/them pronouns.

Several motions were filed in defense of Aldrich, which state unsealing documents and gathering evidence, without any mention or explanation about Aldrich’s identification or his gender. He was forced into submission after the shootings, and he might receive death and hate crime charges soon.

Aldrich had a change of name a few years ago

Due to all the investigations, another thing surfaced about Aldrich’s name change that happened in 2016. Having a father with a criminal history, marijuana supply records, and severe domestic violence against their mother, Aldrich wished to break all ties with the biological father followed by a name change request at the Texas court.

Before the change of name, Aldrich was known as Nicholas Franklin Brink. The petition to change their name was filed by their grandparents, who acted as their legal guardians back then. The nonbinary suspect’s father was also jailed once due to illegal transportation of marijuana when he was also found on steroids himself. also read:-Jennifer Lopez mysteriously deleted all her Instagram posts

Other than this, Aldrich was also bullied during high school, as the Washington Post found a website named after him, containing several abusive pictures and documents. A YouTube account by his name was also found with an animation titled ‘Asian homosexual gets molested’.

What does the court say about the nonbinary suspect?

At the scene of the shoot, Aldrich was beaten by the club members so much so that they got admitted to the hospital. However, right after their discharge, they were sent to the El Paso jail. The court is about to put charges on the basis of five murders and five hate crime allegations. In earlier records, Aldrich was once charged with threatening her mother by developing an explosive bomb.


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