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Burlin: Massive aquarium home of 1500 fish bursts

A huge aquarium in Berlin erupted early Friday morning. Sending debris, water and hundreds of tropical fish squirting out of the AquaDom tourist attraction in the center of the German capital.
Police said a million liters of water were poured from the aquarium shortly before 06:00 (05:00 GMT / 10:30 IST) and damaged parts of the building. Which also included a hotel, a cafe and a chocolate factory. Two people were slightly injured, Berlin firefighters said.
The cause of the incident remains unclear. Union Investment Real Estate, the company that owns AquaDom, said in a statement Friday afternoon.

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Mayor Franziska Giffey said the tank created a “literal tsunami”, but the early morning hours prevented further injuries.
Despite all the devastation, we are still very happy, she said. If the aquarium had exploded an hour later, “we would have suffered horrible physical injuries”. people would have woken up and returned to the hotel and surrounding areas, she said.
The AquaDom website describes it as the world’s tallest cylindrical tank at 25 meters high. Although Union Investment Real Estate said on Friday that the tank part of the attraction is 14 meters high. There has been speculation that freezing temperatures that dropped to -10°C overnight caused the acrylic pots to crack and explode under the weight of the water Police said they found no evidence of malicious behavior.
The city of Berlin’s Mitte district confirmed via Twitter
That almost all of the 1,500 fish inside died when it broke. Adding that “several fish at the bottom of the tank” could still be rescued. Among its 80 species of fish are bluefish and clownfish. Two colorful species made famous in the hit animated film Finding Nemo.
Veterinarians, firefighters and other officials worked all afternoon to save 400 to 500 small fish from a group of separate tanks under the hotel lobby Without electricity. Officials say, their tanks are starved of the oxygen they need to survive. They were evacuated to other nearby unaffected Sea Life Aquarium tanks.

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