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Bill Gates thinks A.I. like ChatGPT is the ‘most important’ innovation right now.

Business tycoon and philanthropist Bill Gates stated in an interview on Friday that advancements in artificial intelligence are currently the “most important” innovation, amidst the competition between Google and Microsoft for AI supremacy.

In a podcast interview with the German business newspaper Handelsblatt (via CNBC), he claimed that generative AI tools like ChatGPT could increase office productivity by creating invoices and letters, and added that AI would “change our world.”

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Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled a new version of Bing and Edgepowered by a “new, next-generation OpenAI large language model that is more powerful than ChatGPT and customised specifically for search,” according to Microsoft’s blog post. Early demonstrations show a sidebar that’ll help users summarise content on the web. Microsoft is also preparing tointegrate similar tech into its productivity apps including Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Although Gates acknowledged that computation-intensive AI models are not always reliable, he expressed optimism about the progress that both Microsoft and Google have been making in the field. He predicted that there would be “profound progress” in making these things even better over the following two years.

Only one day after Google unveiled Bard, a rival to ChatGPT, Microsoft announced the launch of the new Bing. The largest product of the search engine giant will also include chatbot functionality.

According to Gates,

The improvements AI can provide for reading and writing will have a “huge impact.” He continued by saying that it would aid in increasing productivity and significantly enhancing results in the fields of health care and education.

“The simplest way to understand it is that speech recognition and visual recognition are now areas where AI has gotten very good,”

Gates is still a consultant for Microsoft, the company he co-founded in 1975 and led for over two decades.


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