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Big Scarr and Gucci Mane funeral receipt drama explained

Keyshia Ka’Oir, the wife of Gucci Mane, defended her husband on social media after Big Scarr close friend Quezz Ruthless accused Mane of not aiding the family with funeral expenses. Since then, a number of people, including the late rapper’s father and Scarr’s sister Alexandra Woods, have spoken out about the current financial predicament.

For those who are unaware, Big Scarr died on December 22 at the age of 22.

Inadvertently taking too many prescription drugs, the rapper overdosed in his girlfriend’s Memphis, Tennessee, home. He was just buried in the metropolis. NLE Choppa and BigWalkDog, two other singers, were present at the service. Gucci Mane, however, did not appear. On social media, he expressed his sorrow at Scarr’s departure.

Big Scarr’s close friend and colleague Quess Ruthless criticised Gucci Mane in an Instagram Live by alleging that the latter broke his pledge to the Scarr family to cover the burial expenses.

Gucci Mane allegedly told Ruthless that he would be unable to pay for Big Scarr’s funeral expenses because it was soon to be his wife Keyshia Ka’Oir’s birthday.

Ruthless stated that after Scarr passed away, Gucci Mane begged the rapper’s family to return his 1017 chains. Mane was unable to break the bonds, though.

Keyshia Ka’Oir, the wife of Gucci Mane, denies Quess Ruthless’ claims of non-payment.

On her Instagram page, Keyshia Ka’Oir posted pictures of two $20k receipts from the N.J. Ford & Sons Funeral Home. Direct payment was made to the funeral home in charge of Big Scarr’s memorial service.

She reported in the subsequent Instagram story that the Mane family had also given “FLOWERS & not even a THANK U.”

She provided a screenshot of an email that contained the aforementioned receipt in another Instagram story. Introducing Gucci Mane

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Big Scarr’s sister Alexandra Woods responded to Ka’Oir’s Instagram tales by announcing on her Instagram live that the actual cost of the funeral was $60,000.

The father of Big Scarr posted on Instagram as the argument went on online. He stated that $10k was delivered from Mane’s pocket to Atlantic Records in a long Instagram feed and statement. He continued by saying that he had paid the remaining cost of the funeral.


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