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Bakra Eid: If you are planning to go out, then you should definitely read this article

Eid-al-Adha or Bakra Eid is now approaching and 29 June 2023 is a holiday for many people. The happy thing is that Bakra Eid is falling on the long weekend. Those who have a holiday on Saturday and Sunday will just have to take a Friday holiday. Believe me, such a long vacation has come after a long time. If you live around Delhi or are planning to go out somewhere, many places can be visited. Nag Dubba

To avoid the heat, people like to roam in the mountainous area or spend time with their family. Now is also a festive occasion. Surely you are also planning to travel. If yes, then read our articles before planning a trip.

Nag Dubba
If you are fond of adventure, do not forget to include Nag Tibba in the list while planning a trip from Delhi. It is located about 8 hours away. That is, go thinking that you have to travel one night. It can be called the best weekend trek.

Starting from Pantwari, this 5 km trek gives a glimpse of the beautiful hills of the Himalayas. If you are planning to hang out with your friend, then believe me, you will enjoy it.


This beautiful place is located in Karnataka. People here speak in Kodagu language i.e. their language is Kodagu. It is called Scotland of India and Kashmir of Karnataka state. You’d love to be here. If you are planning to visit here on the occasion of Eid, then this place is the best.

You can enjoy trekking, fishing and rafting with your friends here. It is said that the population here is less, so here you can roam freely and coolly.

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Lahaul Spiti

Who does not like to roam in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, but Himachal is huge, where there is a lot to explore and see. In such a situation, tourists have a little difficulty in finding a place. But you can plan to visit Lahaul Spiti because it is the perfect place to visit in October.

If this place is completely new to you, you’re going to have a lot of fun here. Here you will get a chance to see the high mountains and Buddhist monasteries.


You can plan to visit Lansdowne. Let us know that in the month of June, it is one of the beautiful and less explored places for tourists. The specialty of this place is that it was settled by the British before independence.

If you live in Delhi, then this place will be very close to you. This beautiful place is present at a distance of about 280 kilometers from Delhi, so you can plan to visit this place for a weekend trip.


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