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Arjun Kapoor posted a candid picture featuring himself and Malaika Arora on Valentine’s Day

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor, one of the most sought-after Bollywood couples, have once again raised the bar for relationships. Malaika Arora posted two gorgeous photos of herself and Arjun Kapoor on her Instagram wall, and they both exude happiness in different ways. Malika Arora and Arjun Kapoor can be seen having a fantastic time and giggling uncontrollably in the two photos. The image’s caption reads, “Ur grin n laughing r infectious,” written by Malaika. Incidentally, he tweeted the exact same photo a few days prior when they had attended a showing of The Night Manager. Sonam Kapoor, however, also makes a cameo in Arjun Kapoor’s post.

Arjun Kapoor tweeted a casual photo of himself and Malaika Arora earlier on Valentine’s Day.

We can see them both giving each other a cosy hug in the image. The actor had merely added a few red hearts to the caption and let the image do all the talking. Malaika had left red hearts as a reply to the message.

A few weeks ago, on the anniversary of his late mother Mona Kapoor’s birth, Arjun Kapoor posted a touching message. A letter that Arjun Kapoor wrote to his mother about 25 years ago was also revealed by him. The 1997 letter begins, “Mother. Some believe that a mother is the second manifestation of God. I say it’s a sibling, a buddy, and occasionally your parent.

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More priceless than gold, softer than a flower’s petal, more animated than a teen, and more charming than I am, is my mother. (OH) Mother never becomes irate. because they resemble dewdrops, which are like your tears. But your grin is worth at least Rs. 1,000,000,000. The letter is dated October 6, 1997 and signed, “Your son, Arjun Kapoor.” He concluded by saying, “Keep grinning.”

Arjun Kapoor included an image of the letter with a similarly moving note. He noted:

“I’m running out of pictures now Maa. I’ve run out of words also so just putting up something again that sums up the child inside me. Maybe I’ve run out of energy & strength also but today is your birthday and it’s the best day of the year for me. That’s why I promise you I will never give up. I promise you I will find new energy & strength & I promise you I will make you proud wherever you are… Love you feel rather empty without your smile ya… Happy Birthday to my everything.” He also added a heart emoji.



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