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Dragon Ball is big, and the only characters arguably as prolific in their attachment to the series

The Dragon Ball franchise, and particularly the fantasy martial arts anime Dragon Ball Z from 1989. It had a significant role in the global success of anime.

The popularity of Akira Toriyama’s magnum opus is such that it damn near precipitated an international incident in 2018. When the Japanese embassy in Mexico reportedly issued a letter to the governor of Coahuila, Mexico. To discourage the latter from allowing a public screening of the Dragon Ball Super finale in violation of Toei Animation’s rights (though many public screenings were still held in stadiums, plazas, and parks across the country).

The belabored point: There are a lot of iconic anime villains throughout the course of the original run of Ball, Dragon Ball Z. The non-canonical anime sequel series Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super. And yet, there is one villain in particular who is conspicuously absent from nearly any and all discussions of Dragon Ball’s greatest villains. A villain who despite being attached to one the most maligned story arcs of Dragon Ball Z nonetheless stands the test of time as one of the only Ball villains to date to actually get just shy of everything he wanted.

I am, of course, talking about Garlic Jr., the villain of the 1989 anime film Dragon Ball Z:

Dead Zone and eponymous antagonist of the 10-episode Garlic Jr. Garlic Jr.is introduced as the son of Garlic. A malevolent entity who 300 years prior vied for the role of becoming the Guardian of Earth. After being rejected for the role by the previous Guardian, who sensed Garlic’s desire to subjugate the planet. Garlic amassed an army of demons and stormed the lookout in order to take the position by force.

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Over the course of the film, Garlic Jr. and his followers manage to gather all seven of the Dragon Balls. Releasing the eternal dragon Shenron, who then grants Garlic Jr. his wish for immortality. Garlic Jr.is the first of only a few original characters from a Dragon Ball spinoff film to later appear in the anime series. Preceding the formal introduction of Super Saiyan Broly into the canon of Ball Super by 27 years. The majority of the Z Fighters, with the exception of Gohan and Krillin. They are transformed into mindless warriors for Garlic Jr. The battle is a difficult one. As Garlic Jr.is still technically immortal and the power of the nearby Makyo Star only continues to amplify his power.


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