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Anupam Mittal has now responded to Harsh Goenka and called his data “biased and incomplete”.

Industrialist Harsh Goenka frequently tweets about inspirational and uplifting material for his social media friends and followers. This time, he claimed that the bulk of the judges’ companies are losing money in a tweet about Shark Tank India judges and their firms. He claimed that every time he “thinks of sharks,” he associates them with the Hollywood film “Jaws” and blood. Anupam Mittal, the creator of Shaadi.com and a Shark Tank judge, has finally responded to the RPG Group Chairperson who called his data “biassed and incomplete.”

Mr. Harsh Goenka shared a screenshot of the Shark Tank judges’ companies’ FY2022-adjusted profit.

The information asserted that only Aman Gupta’s business, BoAt, generated a profit of Rs. 79 crore. In the fiscal year, Amit Jain, the founder of CarDekho, lost 246 crore, while Peyush Bansal’s Lenskart lost 102 crore. It also revealed that Vineeta Singh’s Sugar Cosmetics and Anupam Mittal’s Shaadi.com both declared losses of 27 crore and 75 crore respectively. Along with the picture, Mr. Goenka tweeted, “I like the show #SharkTankIndia, and I believe it provides a fantastic platform for our aspiring business owners. But anytime I think about sharks, I picture blood and the movie “Jaws”!”

Mr. Mittal responded to the same

Mr. Mittal responded to the same by saying, “With all due respect, sir, I believe you reacted to what seems to be shallow, biassed, and incomplete data. I know you meant it in fun. Happy to learn from veterans, but just to be clear, we do what we do because, unlike you, sharks don’t bleed red; instead, we bleed blue.”

When Mr. Mittal sent a tweet, several internet users asked him to provide the genuine numbers. “With all due respect to Anupam, will you kindly share the whole and accurate information with your supporters. I myself disagree with bleeding “a user said.

A second individual chimed in, saying, “Eliminate all uncertainties and offer him @hvgoenka thorough and correct data and prove him wrong.”

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Clearly, #SharkTankIndia is a show where extremely loss-making entrepreneurs assess and degrade extremely profit-making entrepreneurs, claimed another user.

Additionally, a number of individuals spoke out in favour of the “shark” and said that he provided a “nice reply.”


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