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Updated In-Flight Alcohol Service Policy by Air India to Prevent Drunkenness

Air India has been in the news since a male passenger inebriatedly relieved himself on another female passenger on a New York-New Delhi flight. The airline has now reviewed its in-flight alcohol services to ensure that passengers remain alert. We reviewed our existing in-flight alcohol service policy. Drawing on the practises of other airlines and the guidelines of the US National Restaurants Association (NRA). These were largely consistent with Air India’s previous practise, though some changes were made for greater clarity. The NRA’s Traffic Light system has been included to assist the crew in recognising and managing potential cases of intoxication “On Tuesday, an Air India spokesperson stated.

According to the airline, the new liquor policy has been incorporated into the training curriculum.

“The new policy has now been distributed to the crew and is part of the training curriculum. Air India remains dedicated to the safety and well-being of our passengers and cabin crew, including. But not limited to, responsible alcohol service “According to the spokesperson.

Previously, Air India stated that the alleged perpetrator in the November 26 peeing incident was not served excessive alcohol by the crew and did not appear intoxicated to the crew.

In light of the mitigating circumstances and the financial detriment already incurred by the crew during their period of de-rostering. Air India deems the Commander’s licence suspension to be excessive. And will be assisting him with an appeal, Air India stated.

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On January 20, the DGCA imposed a Rs 30 lakh fine on Air India. And suspended the pilot-in-license command’s for the New York-New Delhi flight. The regulator also fined Air India’s director of in-flight services Rs 3 lakh for failing to discharge her duties.

The incident of passenger misbehaviour on the AI-102 flight on November 26, 2022 was brought to the attention of the DGCA on January 4, 2023.


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