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Andrew Tate health is called into question after reports surface online

The controversial streamer and social media figure Andrew Tate is said to have lung cancer, according to certain internet publications. Since the end of December, the former kickboxer has been detained in Romania after police searched one of his residences on grounds of possible people trafficking.

Andrew Tate arrest in Romania

At the end of February, Andrew Tate’s arrest in Romania was once more prolonged, allowing the investigation into his suspected illegal behaviour to proceed while the social media star is still detained. Due to his failing health and the need for medical attention for lung nodules. Tate’s attorneys have tried to convince a judge to release him on bail. Despite this, requests to free Tristan and Andrew have been routinely turned down.

Soon after Tate’s fourth unsuccessful attempt to have his detention ended, medical records claiming that a lung lesion had been found surfaced. The results came from a medical examination done in Dubai, where Tate went for treatment in late last year, just a few weeks before his arrest. Tate had two different appointments for chest x-rays and CT scans, which indicated multiple irregularities. Tate also appeared to be scheduled for an urgent biopsy of the detected tumour. The information was accompanied by a letter from Tate’s doctor at the King’s College Hospital in the United Arab Emirates, who insisted that he should travel back there for additional testing and eventual treatment.

On March 3, Tate’s management claimed that the lung cancer claims were reliable.

Once Tate’s management asserted on March 3 that the lung cancer reports were accurate, Tate’s medical situation gained more attention. Tate’s lungs were discovered to have a “benign cytological appearance” during medical exams performed in Romania after his arrest. But the pertinent documents seemed to stop short of referring to it as cancer. Moreover, his manager later changed his mind on Instagram. Reiterating the Romanian claims of a benign tumour that isn’t cancerous right now. Tate’s custody physician has also reaffirmed that the proper measures would be implemented if anything turned out to be cancerous. Tate has already spoken about his circumstances, which have worried fans ever since they noticed how much worse he was looking.

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Others online have speculated that Andrew Tate’s health reports are an attempt to gain public sympathy. So that he can escape Romanian jail due to the contradictions. But the status of his appeals currently indicates that won’t happen anytime soon. According to reports, Tate’s whole collection of vehicles has been seized by the police. And he could face serious charges as a result of the inquiry.


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