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4 Mind Blowing Country Border Around The World

When crossing the border from one Country to another, you are likely to see some beautiful sights. There’s a reason so many people love to travel. Travel can open the door to many new experiences and breathtaking sights. These are some of the most stunning and amazing sights shared by countries around the world across their borders.
Estonia and Russia
There are many ways to make a country borders stand out Some people choose buildings to mark places. You can recognize the border of Estonia and Russia by some striking structures Ultimately. Not all countries play sports within their borders. The border is divided by the Narva River, and on both sides of the river are Ivangorod Fortress and Herman’s Castle. Hermann Castle is in Estonia, while Ivangorod Fortress is in Russia

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Poland and Slovakia
Slovakia and Poland are another group of countries with significant natural borders. This time, you have to climb a bit to see it. The two countries are separated by the High Tatras. The mountains are in the High Tatras National Park, which is mostly in Slovakia. Although part of the park also shares some of its territory with Poland.
Laos, Burma and Thailand
Of course, shared borders don’t just happen between two countries. The world is not cut into perfectly aligned squares. For borders where three countries meet, we can look at Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. The three meet and the spot is marked with a triangular marker Green represents Myanmar, red represents Laos, and yellow represents Thailand. You can be in all three places at the same time!
Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay
Another triple border is between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. It’s easier to see it on an aerial view like this. A river slightly divides the continent and cuts into the three different landscapes you see in the photos here

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