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WhatsApp users can set longer group subjects and descriptions, Send Up to 100 Media Files

Three updates and new features have been made to WhatsApp Android app, according to the company. These include the ability to share up to 100 media assets, longer group subjects and descriptions, and document captions. All users who download the most recent version of WhatsApp for Android from the Google Play Store can now access these functionalities. The social media platform recently released a beta version of WhatsApp for iOS that increased the previous cap. That allowed up to 30 media files to be shared at a time in each chat to allow testers to share up to 100 media files simultaneously.

The release date for these functionalities for iOS users is unknown.

These new features were stated in the official changelog for the most recent WhatsApp for Android version on the Google Play store. It offers the ability to share up to 100 media assets. Use longer group subjects and descriptions. Enter document captions, and use avatars. WhatsApp has launched a beta version for some iOS users that enables testers to simultaneously exchange up to 100 media files.

Users may now add a caption to papers when sharing them, much like they do with media files. Now, Android users may give their groups a longer subject and description. Users can now share up to 100 photographs and videos in chats, as was previously mentioned. This feature, according to the business, “makes it easier for users to share whole albums with their friends and family.”

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Making an avatar to use as a sticker and profile photo allows you to express yourself more clearly. WhatsApp’s changelog stated. Users first had access to this feature in December, along with support for 36 editable stickers.

The social networking platform is also working on enabling users to send photographs “in their original quality” using the app for PC, iOS, and Android devices.


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