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We bring you the advantages of working out during Menstruations

Several individuals have advised us to avoid exercising while we are on our Menstruations since it will strain our bodies, leave us without energy, and a host of other reasons. What if, though, working out around “that time of the month” is actually more advantageous for you and you can actually schedule your exercise routine accordingly?

Let’s begin with comprehending the menstrual cycle:

It begins on the first day of the term and concludes at the beginning of the following one. It comprises of the ovulation phase in addition to the follicular and luteal phases, which make up the majority of its divisions.

Period: Day 1 to Day 5 (this could vary from one person to another)

Day 1 to Day 14 of the Follicular Phase

Day 15 to Day 28 of the luteal phase.

Ovulation takes place on day 14.

Organizing your exercise regimen around menstruation

Menstruation: I assure you that you hardly have the energy to move on the day of your menstruation. The body’s levels of progesterone and oestrogen are at their lowest at this period. You can have cramping, bloating, lethargy, and acute exhaustion. While ice cream and Netflix will help, why not at least try going for a walk the next time? However, don’t just stop there. Get in a low- to moderate-intensity workout, depending on how you’re feeling. During this time, you can practise yoga, light strength training, low-intensity aerobics, or all three.

Follicular Phase: As the days go by following the menstrual cycle, the hormone levels begin to increase once more. Your energy levels are also improved now that the period is over. Focus on improvement or workouts with greater intensity at this period. The body’s pain threshold has increased. Do the aerobic, HIIT, lifting, and other exercises. Get that PR, put yourself to the test, and perhaps even try something new.

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Luteal Phase: Then there are the days when you gradually start to lose energy. And even simple home tasks begin to appear taxing. Everything you typically do can become challenging, including finishing your workout. Stay back and slightly lower the intensity. But keep up the exercise.

Bearable Cramps: Everyone can experience cramps differently. Some people find it to be utterly intolerable, while others find it to be insignificant or nonexistent. Guess what, exercising can also be helpful in this situation — I did mention “Natural Pain-killer,” after all. The smallest amount of activity can alleviate your cramps. Several advise avoiding weight training or strenuous exercise during your period and instead recommending mild exercise, such as walking or pilates/yoga.


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