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Twitter will Translate Non English Amazing Tweets : Elon musk

A new update in Twitter that will soon recommend to users amazing tweets from people in other countries and cultures after translating them was hinted at by tech tycoon and Twitter CEO Elon Musk in a recent tweet thread. For users, it will unlock a treasure trove of undiscovered and useful tweets on the microblogging platform..

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In the thread, Elon Musk reaffirmed that tweets would be translated before being recommended. He also mentioned that epic tweets occur daily in other nations (Japan especially).

The new change has divided Twitter users.

New recommendations were great, but the user should have complete control at all times, one user suggested in the comment section, so it should be possible to toggle that off.
Musk was instructed by another user, Mason Pelt, to make their default feed the people they follow.

Kambree, a Twitter user, stated that she simply wanted her engagement and reach back.
A Twitter user named Geoff Quattromani questioned Musk about the source of the request. Although recommending tweets wasn’t on any wish list, he suggested adding the option to translate tweets from people they are following.

Jason, a Twitter user, called it a clever idea and predicted it would boost cultural understanding and joy. While another user expressed his desire to see the boundaries between them finally blurred.


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