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Twinkle Arora shoots despite suffering from 101.1 fever, she continued without taking a day off.

With her commitment and honesty, Twinkle Arora, who portrays the character of Nehmat from Udaariyaan, recently captivated the hearts of those on the set of the programme as well as her admirers. The actress posted about her poor health on social media. The actress acknowledged that she is currently working on the sets despite her health issues, despite the worries of her worried followers. She is healing, sources close to her reassured worried fans as they confirmed the news.

Twinkle Arora posted on social media that she had a temperature of 101.1 degrees.

She omitted to mention, nonetheless, that the actress did not pause her filming to relax throughout the circumstance. According to a source close to the actress, the doctor gave her medication and advised her to relax. “Twinkle was spotted finishing the shot taking only brief breaks, and that too after medication,” the insider continued.

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Yet, she didn’t miss a single shot during the filming. Also, she made care to be on time for the shooting schedule. Twinkle did not let her fever interfere with her professional obligations and continued to provide as many takes as necessary until the shot was completed. Let us reassure worried fans that Twinkle is healing well and is once again attentively adhering to her medical regimen. She ought to return to normal health fairly shortly.

Readers are likely already aware that Twinkle is currently filming Udaariyaan in Chandigarh.

Currently, Nehmat, Ekam (Hitesh Bharadwaj), and Naaz are the main characters in the show (Sonakshi Batra). While Nehmat is wed to Advait Kapoor in the show, Naaz is wed to Nikhil Kapoor (Samarth Jurel) (Rohit Purohit). Harleen Ahluwalia, a clone of Ekam’s mother Jasmine, is now seen courting Nehmat’s love interest, Ekam, who is also in love with her (both played by Isha Malviya).


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