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Titans’ Todd arrested for driving under influence after winning match over Packers

Tennessee Titans offensive player Mr. Todd Downing was arrested early morning on Friday on the charges of driving under influence. He was taken to the Williamson County Jail after the incident.

Downing was found on intoxicants

It was around 2:30 am in the morning when Todd was driving on I-65 at high speeds when the Tennessee Highway Patrol authorities stopped him from crossing the speed limit. When the authorities checked up on him for speeding, he was found impaired and a certain smell of intoxicants was oozing out of the car.

The Titans said they received Todd’s arrest reports and they are further investigating the matter. The team’s coach, Mr. Mike Vrabel was pretty serious about the whole situation, saying that he has been in constant contact with Todd and the team’s manager.

Mike also talked about each person having a certain responsibility towards himself and society – be it a coach, player, husband, parent, or father – we are all accountable to make sane decisions. The NFL league said that all the members of the league should stay under discipline when a violation occurs. also read:- Celebrities like Shakira, and Dua Lipa rejected to perform at the FIFA world cup 2022

Todd was arrested just hours after his team won the game with the Packers at Green Bay. He is playing for the Titans since 2019 and was recently promoted to the position of offensive coordinator in the year 2021.

What does league policy say about alcohol consumption?

The league policy comments upon banning alcohol in the locker rooms, office, and training premises, or while traveling before, during, and after the season. This rule applies to each and every member – coach, player, manager – connected to the league.

The above-mentioned policy is in charge for many years, and anyone who does not follow this discipline is answerable to the league authorities. Also, after Todd Downing’s arrest, the league policy has been again put in focus to remind everyone of the discipline principles and the consequences when neglected.


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