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Things You Must Know Before Entering Bigg Boss 16 House

Being a Bigg Boss 16 contestant requires far more patience and skill than we realise. They must all live in a confined space for months, with a drastic change in lifestyle. Of course, it is a choice, but contestants must become accustomed to certain things in order to remain in the game. There is a lot to be learned from Bigg Boss 16.
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1. The prospect of cohabiting with your worst enemy.
Consider living under the same roof as your adversary. Contestants in the Bigg Boss house don’t even have a distraction, and to make matters worse, they have to pretend to be decent people because cameras are everywhere.
2. Being forced to live without gadgets.
We spend the majority of our time on our phones or binge-watching television. So giving up everything for months sounds like a nightmare. It’s no surprise that people fight all day when they come home.
3. A regimented way of life.
Many of us are picky about certain things, such as how much chicken we eat each day. But here’s the catch: all contestants are treated the same. So they all get the same things that are adequate for basic needs.
4. Acting strangely on camera.
Sure, contestants do it on purpose. However, many tasks require them to do unusual things (no questions asked). These tasks are frequently required in order to stay in the game or obtain the luxury budget.
5. Never (ever) be yourself.
It’s usually a good idea to be yourself, especially on a reality show. However, if a person is problematic and toxic, it is best to keep that aspect hidden. Like the time when Shalin shouted at a doctor who had come to treat him.
6. Not eating your favourite food.
Life is difficult enough without having to live without your gadgets and under the same roof as people you generally dislike. And for Bigg Boss contestants, not having their favourite foods is almost a challenge.
7. People stealing your things.
Bigg Boss contestants steal a lot for people who are constantly being watched. And a lot of it has to do with food. The frightening part is that they refuse to admit their mistakes and instead make bizarre excuses. Like the time Archana literally pocketed the ginger from the kitchen and claimed it as hers.

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