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Sunita Ahuja was ‘irritated’ as Govinda keeps quiet about ‘untruthful’ statements made by Krushna

Krushna Abhishek and Arti Singh revealed in an interview from last year how their uncle Govinda helped them when they were young children facing financial difficulties. Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja discussed their falling out with nephew Krushna and niece Aarti in a recent interview. Even though Govinda claimed he didn’t want to talk about family affairs in the media, his wife Sunita was angry with Krushna and Arti for what they had said about him.

The children of Govinda’s sister Padma are Krushna and Arti.

The two were born and raised in Lucknow, where Govinda rose to fame as an actor in Hindi movies. Krushna travelled to Bombay to pursue a career as an actor only much later. Arti did the same a few years later.

In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sunita claimed that Krushna and Arti had lied when they claimed that Govinda had given Krushna an allowance of $2,000 per month during his early years in Mumbai. When asked about Krushna and Aarti, Sunita responded that she was “irritated”. “Plz don’t inquire about them. Since whatever they talked on your show was not the truth, that’s why I am becoming annoyed. He will never address them directly. I regret having looked after them now.

Why did they say Govinda only gave us 2000?

When they say so, you should be okay with it because he (Govinda) did not assist us (Sunita asked Govinda). That is incorrect. He also went to see Maniesh Paul. I don’t see why you (Govinda) are so concerned when they don’t care about discussing in the media or anything else.

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I think that each man has his own nature, but we should never discuss family matters through the media. My mum used to make decisions for everyone at that time. I’m not sure what they were told when they were younger. What tales were presented to them, then. When you care for a lot of people, it sometimes happens that other people give you the credit. Yet, the person who is doing everything believes I am helping others. I don’t argue with them because their mother was my favourite sister and their father was a very kind man. If you are not complimenting me, I sincerely appreciate it. One day, the truth will come out.


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