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Shark Tank India 2 is making headlines with its unique pitches and the sharks’ investments

Shark Tank India 2 has been back for a week with its second season. It has already made waves on social media. The theme of the show is based on the participation of aspiring Indian entrepreneurs who pitch their business models to a panel of investors or judges in order to convince them to invest money in their idea. As soon as a new episode aired on television. Viewers flooded social media with their reactions to a specific pitch or a judge’s decision.

Sourav and Gunjan present a gamiefied educational application called ‘GunjanApp Studios’ to begin the episode.

Their app contains 40+ mobile games for kids that teach them subjects such as math, English, and Hindi in a fun way. Their business was doing well. But none of the sharks were interested in investing because they believed it would increase the kids’ screen time.

The sharks were blown away during the first pitch when they learned about the number of downloads and revenue generated by their games. Peyush Bansal praised their efforts in developing such an app after leaving their comfortable life in the United States. He also advised them to broaden their work culture and invest more in their business if they are already profitable.

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A mother-son combo was the second group,

They were there to advertise their line of tasty and healthful salads called “The Simply Salad.” Payal, a single mother, raised her son Soham, and now the two of them jointly own a salad manufacturing company. Vineeta Singh and Aman Gupta decided to invest in their company after being impressed by their conduct and abilities. But when Aman invested in a health company that has long been a fan of “butter-chicken,” the sharks were all taken aback.

Vineeta was cited as stating, “You both have this G combo—Grit and Gratitude—that will carry you to the heights,” during the second pitch. On the other side, Aman cracks the quip, “The third G is this Gupta,” which had everyone in stitches. The 4th G is Gyaan, which you really don’t need because we have to conduct business. Aman added in an apparent jab at Anupam Mittal after he stated that these pitchers don’t require investment from anyone.



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