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Shakira’s post was followed by three red emojis from Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo

After a 12-year relationship, pop diva Shakira’s and former Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique split in June of last year. In the new year, Shakira’s shared something on Instagram that has been taken as a criticism of Pique.
“Time has a surgeon’s hands, even though our wounds are still raw in this new year. Even if someone has betrayed us, we must still have faith in other people. Never lose sight of your value, even in the face of disrespect. since there are more excellent people than immoral ones. Empathy is more prevalent than indifference. Fewer people depart from our side than do those who remain by our side. Our tears are not wasted since they nourish the ground from which our future will grow and deepen our humanity, enabling us to continue to love even in the face of heartbreak.
Shakira’s post was followed by three red emojis from Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo as a show of solidarity.
Neither had addressed the allegations that Pique had cheated on Shakira. But Spanish media source Socialite published images of Pique with another lady.
“Everything is so fresh and new that I feel like those things are somehow too private to reveal, at least at this particular time. I can only say that I gave this relationship and my family everything I had,” Shakira had previously told Elle. “I think this is the darkest moment of my life. But then I consider all the women in the world who are struggling. Who are dealing with conditions that are either worse than mine or just as challenging as mine.

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Shakira stated, “Seeing that dream shattered or shredded into pieces is probably one of the most terrible things that you can ever go through for those women, like myself, who believe in values like family, who had the hope, the huge dream of having a family forever. “But I believe that women are strong. We all possess this intrinsic capacity for resilience, you know. And those who depend on us are meant for us to care for and nurture.

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