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Football: Pele’s demise just two days before the world prepared to welcome the new year

Even though Indian football generated more attention in 2022 for its organisational chaos than for its on-field accomplishments.
The two historic event. Death Pele’s two days before the world was set to ring in the new year and Argentina’s World Cup victory under Lionel Messi will undoubtedly live on for decades to come. Pele’s legion of supporters continued to pray while he fought cancer in a Sao Paulo hospital before passing away on December 29. Hoping that Messi would work his magic to lead Argentina to its third World Cup victory on December 18.
Given their connection to the “Beautiful Game,” fans in India wept with pleasure when Messi lifted the World Cup trophy.
Even if there is reverence for international football heroes and millions of people watch the World Cup, Euros, or UEFA Champions League when it is shown on television, things are far from perfect at home.
The FIFA threatened to remove the women’s Under-17 World Cup from the country, but the ban. Which occurred the day after the nation’s Independence Day, was only temporary (11 days).

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The harm was already done because both the Supreme Court and the Sports Ministry had to agree to the FIFA’s requirements.
The women’s Under-17 World Cup did take place. However India, who had earned a spot in the tournament by virtue of serving as the hosts, were destroyed by the top teams in the group round. Losing 0-8 to the United States, 0-3 to Morocco, and 0-5 to Brazil.
The ‘biggest performance on earth’ started in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Where South Asians make up close to 40% of the population, lifting the mood among Indian fans.
It was truly anyone’s World Cup. But in the end Messi’s Argentina defeated Kylian Mbappe’s France on penalties in a match that would go down in history.
It was an unexpected World Cup. No one was an underdog, and anyone could triumph. Footballing giants like Germany, Spain, and Portugal suffered defeat at the hands of Asian or African nations.

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