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Paula Abdul won everyone’s heart being straight on in the Thanksgiving Parade performance

Paula Abdul , the 60-year-old singer,put on a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade performance. And, that was rounding roasted by social media observers. Abdul was supposed to be doing a tap-dancing number while singing. But, she clearly forgot all about the singing part.

We can just say that it was a disaster. When “Forever Your Girl” singer is taking incoming fire from all directions, a person tweeted that “Paula Abdul is definitely not a morning person”. While the another one wrote that “Paula Abdul looks like she may break a hip” .

Abdul’s wild twist drew everyone’s attention over there

The camera found Flav, out there in the crowd. Golden clock duly hanging from his neck, dancing along to Abdul’s energetic performance on the Jennie-O turkey float. The NBC cameras kept cutting to Flava Flav vibing along in the stands outside Macy’s department store on 6th Ave. This was the wild twist that very few people could’ve seen coming.

After Paul Abdul’s lip-synching and tap dance-synching to her 1988 No. 1 hit song “Straight Up” . Suddenly, Flavor Flav, emerged as a big hype man for Abdul at the 2022 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. also read:-Mariah Carey kicked off Christmas spirit on Thanksgiving Day Parade along with her kids

The parade appearance was a dream come true to Abdul

Atleast at some point on nationally televised parades, New Years Eve shows and other events they might want to stop that the singer is pretending to sing. Paula’s not fooling anyones, she just have her come out and dance. She let the crowd sing to the re-recorded music and everyone moves on.It turned out to be just the kind of magic moment that could capture the attention of a nation.

Abdul has demonstrated that she is a quick study for all of the latest social media dance crazes . Obviously, as she’s been choreographing longer than anyone in Gen Z.On Thursday, Abdul tweeted that the parade appearance was a dream come true to her. Maybe Flavor Flav will be in her next TikTok dance video.


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