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‘Pathaan’ director Siddharth Anand reveals how Shah Rukh Khan reacted .

Shah Rukh Khan triumphant return to the leading roles after a lengthy absence of more than 4 years was made possible by Pathaan, the fourth entry in Yash Raj Film’s spy universe. The King Khan-starring Siddharth Anand production has now established itself as one of Bollywood’s most commercially successful recent works. Director Siddharth Anand described how Shah Rukh Khan joined the cast of Pathaan, which has been credited with literally breaking Bollywood’s dry spell.

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How did Shah Rukh Khan react when he was approached for Pathaan?

As was already mentioned, Siddharth had always wanted to work with Shah Rukh Khan on an all-action film. The director, who had the name Pathaan on his mind for a very long time, came up with the movie’s plot a few years ago. When the idea was explained to filmmaker Aditya Chopra, he immediately believed it would fit in with his spy universe. However, Shah Rukh Khan’s readiness for a comeback was a subject of debate for Anand and Chopra.

. “As a result of their close friendship, Adi went to see him. He simply went to ascertain Shah Rukh Khan’s mental state. Not really to pitch the movie, but just to meet him and chat. He recently realised that the energy he sent Adi indicated that he is receptive to it “director Siddharth Anand recalled.

“So Adi narrated to him the idea of the film. And Shah Rukh Khan instantly said ‘Yes, I’m on’. And I remember, I was out with some friends and Adi called me and said ‘I’ve just left him and he is doing the film’. I’m like – What – I started shaking and was like, he said Yes? Then Adi said, we are doing it immediately after War and I just couldn’t believe it. I was with some friends, and I told them ‘Can you image? Shah Rukh Khan is doing my film’. I can’t forget that moment, I can’t forget that location, I can’t forget the visuals when Adi called me and said that he is doing the film,” the director concluded.


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