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New Guests arrives as a Mystery in premiere of The White Lotus Season 2

Season 2 of the anthology series premiered on the cable network with a whole new setting, since The White Lotus ended on HBO.The location was changed to Sicily from Hawaii but the mystery that trapped viewers in the first season is gloomier than ever. People are greeted by a beautiful coastline of Sicily as Daphne befriends two American tourists for their stay at The White Lotus. Daphne enjoyed her time there and takes a dip in the water before leaving. After the dip, she swims back to shore as quickly as possible as something in the water scares her off.

Afterwards, The White Lotus witnesses dead bodies floating ashore. The hotel manager, Valentina was aware of what happened but she says that the water is not hotel property. But, this will not be able to be hidden under the sea so easily.In the teaser, we are then transported a week before the tragic events when the guests arrived at the resort. In Season 1, the hotel employees wave at the guests as they approach the docking station — a White Lotus tradition.The guests include Daphne and her husband Cameron , who look very much in love, Harper , who is seemingly not vibing with the trip alongside her husband Ethan. also read:-Know all sneak and peak inside the TALES OF THE JEDI episodes

Guests of the White Lotus also include Dominic, who is traveling with his son Albie and his elder father Bert. Tanya dutifully asks the assistant to “get lost” but stay close by in her room.When they try to pass as guests, Valentina escorted them out of the resort. Dominic , travels with his son Albie and his elderly father Bert. Greg was not happy that Tanya brought her assistant Portia to the getaway. Harper calls Daphne and Cameron’s relationship “fake” as they are too touchy-feely even after five years of marriage. Portia gets frustrated that Tanya told her to stay in her room and then befriends Albie. Harper reveals that she’s an employment lawyer.

Cameron says his business has been dealing with a lot of “bogus”, which sets tension among the couples.The couples end up talking about the type of television shows they each like to watch. Portia digs Albie’s Instagram account after Tanya told her to leave the dining room so her husband wouldn’t see her. Tanya tries to mend things with Greg but he doesn’t take her offer. Ethan says it’s completely normal.Mía and Lucía end up sneaking into the White Lotus as “hookers”and koncs on Dominic’s hotel room door. Mia never imagined seeing him in person. The episode ends while both make love.


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