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Namrata Shirodkar talks about being an independent woman, societal pressures and more.

One of the most powerful women in the business is without a doubt Namrata Shirodkar, Miss India 1993. An actress, a beauty pageant winner, and a humanitarian, Namrata Shirodkar dons several hats with grace. On this International Women’s Day. Namrata—a former actress, Mahesh Babu’s wife, devoted mother, and passionate entrepreneur—discussed motherhood, gender equality, and finding her own voice in the workplace with me.

She says her parents instilled in her the ability to be self-reliant and defy social constraints. She takes care to teach these qualities to her children, Gautam and Sitara. In a chat that was unstructured, all of this was spoken.

Namrata stated when asked for her opinion on the matter.

Women in the past were supposed to conform to socially prescribed norms. But modern women aren’t afraid to recognise their value and to be financially, emotionally, and cognitively independent. “This shift is a welcome step towards creating a more inclusive society, where individuals are free to explore their paths without being constrained by gender stereotypes or societal expectations,”.  Yet, there is still much work to be done to achieve gender equality, therefore it’s critical to keep fighting for women’s rights and empowerment.

Namrata Shirodkar is well-known for her performances in two Telugu movies as well as Hindi movies like “Vaastav” and “Jab pyar kisise hota hai”. Anji and Vamsi, both starring Mahesh Babu and megastar Chiranjeevi, are two examples.

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Along with answering business calls, negotiating brand endorsement deals, and taking care of their children Gautam and Sitara, Namrata now oversees Mahesh Babu’s career.

Does juggling work and parenting occasionally prove difficult?

Namrata answered, “When there are too many things vying for my attention. It can be difficult, but through time, I’ve learned to prioritise my work and balance all facets of my life. Mahesh has been quite helpful in assisting me with dealing with difficult circumstances and sharing parental responsibilities.”


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