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Mukesh Ambani and his family have been provided with Z plus security throughout India and abroad.

One of the wealthiest businesspeople in the nation is Mukesh Ambani. The chairman of Reliance Industries is listed as the seventh richest person in the world by Forbes. Like they say, great wealth comes with great responsibility, and for public figures, it also carries dangers. Being a well-known figure in the nation is difficult, and we have seen numerous situations in the past where the less desirable aspects of fame have surfaced. The Ambani family recently requested Z plus protection, and the Supreme Court granted their request.

Why Z Plus Security?

Even though the Ambanis had top-notch security, they demanded the highest level of protection because threats remained a constant. According to reports, the Ambanis reveal that they are being target in an effort to damage the nation’s economy. The family requested the highest degree of security cover after Mumbai Police and the Ministry of Home Affairs examined the situation and discovered that the family had consistently received threats.

Order of the Supreme Court

Businessman Mukesh Ambani and his entire family must get Z plus security, the highest level of protection, both inside and outside of India, according to a Supreme Court order. The Ambanis would be responsible for paying for Z plus protection in India and abroad, according to the court’s ruling.

Z Plus Security: What Is It?

There are various levels of security in India. Six subcategories make up the category: SPG, Z+, Z, Y+, Y, and X.

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The President, Prime Minister, Vice President, Supreme Court and High Court Judges, Celebrities, Chief Ministers, Service Chiefs of the Indian Armed Forces, Governors of State, Cabinet Ministers, and other VIPs are among the public figures who can receive these security protections. Only the Indian Prime Minister is permitted to use the SPG as a security force. 55 people make up Z plus security protection, including more than 10 NSG commandos and police officers.


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