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Love to hate on the Netflix thriller dramedy You?

The dark stalker thriller dramedy on Netflix visits the UK to meet a new breed of repulsive millionaires. Our regular serial killer Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, is back for the newest season of You. He has a taste for baseball caps and pretentious books. He now has a new name, a new home city, and a new goal. Thankfully and unexpectedly, Joe’s latest victim is not yet another helpless woman.

While he desperately seeks to identify the “Eat the Rich Killer,” a mysterious stranger who murders members of the Oxford circle of wealthy snobs with which Joe finds himself surrounded, Joe is actually the one on the defence in season four of You. Oh, and the murderer is also aware of Joe’s true identity and violent past.

How much longer can we tolerate this prolonged misogynistic act?

How much longer could we stand to see a white man who is essentially average get away with murder? The story of the programme is on a young man. Who is dangerously obsessive and will do anything to get into the lives of the women he is fixated on. Although you began by sending the wrong message about love, viewers were more than happy to join you for the ride.

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Stop being misogynistic already!

Let’s hope that this saga of misogyny and violence against women comes to a conclusion now. Regardless of how Joe’s story concludes with the murder mystery plot in season four and whether or not he is sentenced to pay for his crimes. For entertainment purposes, it is not necessary to depict more women being unnecessarily tortured in the same manner as they were on You. We don’t need any more television programmes that glorify violence against women.


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