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Late Raju Srivastav’s Iconic Comedy To Kunal Kemmu’s Family Drama, 5 Reasons To Binge-Watch ‘Kanjoos Makhichoos’

The film stars the best comedy actor Kunal Kemmu and Raju srivastava some supremely seasoned and personified actors like Shweta Tripathi, Piyush Mishra and Alka Amin. All one wants to do after a demanding day at work is chill out, unwind, and relax. And that’s where comedies can be of assistance. It is one of the most renowned subgenres ever because a funny comedy movie or TV show will instantly lift your spirits. Filmmakers all over the world are constantly experimenting with funny content that makes us laugh aloud, from situational comedies to slapstick comedies. Sometimes all it takes to temporarily forget about reality is a few good laughs.

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Therefore, we advise you to watch “Kanjoos Makhichoos,” the most recent movie on ZEE5, right away if you’re looking for some humour in these trying times.

Here are some reasons why “Kanjoos Makhichoos” should be on your list of movies to binge watch:

1. The film features a star-studded cast and offers family-friendly humour and entertainment. Actors like Shweta Tripathi, Piyush Mishra, and Alka Amin, who are incredibly seasoned and personified, co-star with the best comedy actor in the business, Kunal Kemmu, in the movie.

2. The late great comedian Raju Srivastav! The audience gets to watch one more movie after this one! You should absolutely watch the movie for him on screen one last time, if for no other reason.

3. Dialogues that are unbelievably funny and full of humour that will have you laughing aloud! The key to any comedy is getting the dialogue delivery just right so that the jokes stick, and this movie definitely does!

4. This movie’s plot is original and has never been seen on screen before. A breath of fresh air, this movie is full of unexpectedly funny dialogue and circumstances.

5. “Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo,” a well-known Gujarati play, is the inspiration for the movie. Following the play’s success, director Vipul Mehta presents this play for the audience on film, doubling the audience’s enjoyment and laughter.

Kanjoos Makhichoos is currently only available on ZEE5.


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