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KRK in his latest claims is accusing Deepika Padukone of trying to copy Angelina Jolie

In his most recent claims, KRK accuses Deepika Padukone of attempting to imitate Angelina Jolie with her Pathaan character. The world may be moving on from the Besharam Rang controversy, but Kamaal R Khan is doing everything he can to keep the negativity surrounding Pathaan alive. As a result, he is shaming the lead actors, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, by calling them “flop actors,” “horrible,” and other derogatory terms.

Scroll down to see KRK’s most recent scandalous tweets.

It all started when Deepika was photographed wearing a saffron-colored bikini in the first Pathaan – Besharam Rang song. When the Home Minister of MP objected to a ‘Muslim man groping a woman in saffron,’ the boycott trend spread throughout the country.

“I do remember, once upon a time, I was doing promotion of #DeepikaPadukone and everyday giving her kiss on Twitter,” KRK wrote in his most recent tweet. But now that I’ve seen the real Deepika in the song #BesharamRang, I’m sorry for my actions! My God, how can I promote such a hideous-looking girl?”

KRK was heard saying Deepika aunty attempted to impersonate Angelina Jolie. What was the point of doing that, Madam? You’re a soldier, so dress the part. Why did you have to look like a s*xy heroine during action scenes?

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Not only that, but KRK also slammed Shah Rukh Khan, tweeting,

“According to #SRK, if someone says lie and calls him the biggest movie star in the world, then he is a positive person. However, if someone tells him the truth and calls him a flop actor, he becomes a negative person. That he does not want to hear the truth.

Deepika Padukone and SRK fans trolled Kamaal in the comments section. In response, he said in another tweet, “Calling a bad thing bad is not negative. Because you don’t want to hear the truth, you find it negative. “The truth hurts.”


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