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Know about the PM Modi tweet on his mother’s 100th birthday

Heeraben Modi, mother of PM Modi, died early on Friday in Ahmedabad after being hospitalised a few days earlier.
She told me one thing when I first met her on her 100th birthday, which I will never forget: “Work with intelligence, live life with purity,” Prime Minister Modi tweeted.
“God’s feet are resting on a glorious century. I’ve always felt that Maa represents the trinity of an ascetic’s path, the selfless Karmayogi’s symbol, and a life dedicated to ideals “Read PM Modi’s tweet.
A sign of perseverance
The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, said, “My Mother is as simple as she is extraordinary. like all mothers, too. PM Modi’s mother lost her mother when she was a young child. She doesn’t even recall my grandmother’s face or the comfort of her lap, he claimed. She was motherless for the entirety of her childhood.
He remembered the small home in Vadnagar where he lived with his parents and brothers, which had mud walls and a clay tile roof. He listed a great number of ordinary challenges that his mother faced but conquered.
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Finding joy in the joys of others
PM Modi said that his mother was incredibly kind and that she found satisfaction in other people’s accomplishments. He remembered, “My father used to have a good buddy who lived in a neighbouring village. My father brought his friend’s son Abbas to our house after his untimely passing. He remained with us and finished his coursework. Mother treated Abbas with the same attention and consideration that she showed to the rest of our siblings. She used to make his favourite meals for Eid every year. It was customary for neighbourhood children to visit our home during holidays to partake in Mother’s special preparations.
Only twice in public has PM Modi’s mother been with him.
PM Modi noted the only two occasions in the blog post where his mother joined him in public. Once, after he had returned from Srinagar, where he had flown the national flag at Lal Chowk and finished the Ekta Yatra, she applied tilak to his forehead during a public event in Ahmedabad. The second time occurred in 2001, when PM Modi initially took the oath of office as Gujarat’s Chief Minister.

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