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Kangana Ranaut has given a ‘strict warning’ to those targeting filmmaker SS Rajamouli

Actress Kangana Ranaut made an unexpected move on Saturday when she criticised the “right wing” for not supporting the film industry. She warned the “right wing” not to target filmmaker SS Rajamouli in a series of tweets.

SS Rajamouli went into great detail about his beliefs towards religion and Hindu classics.

He said that despite once being a devout Christian, he has not since turned atheist. His enthusiasm for the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, despite their religious content, endures. Under the banner “Inspired by “The Fountainhead,” SS Rajamouli claims “religion is ultimately a type of exploitation,” here is what the RRR, Bahubali Director said,” OpIndia published excerpts from the article on their website.

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Kangana Ranaut was unimpressed and warned the right wing to stay away from Rajamouli. “There’s no need to overreact; it’s okay not to bring Bhagwa Jhandi everywhere; after all, our deeds speak louder than words.” Being a proud Hindu invites all manner of criticism, hostility, trolling, and a great deal of negativity. Because we make films for all audiences, we artists are particularly vulnerable because we receive no support from the so-called right wing. Therefore, please sit down and refrain from attempting to criticise Rajamouli sir, who is like a flame in the rain and is a genius, nationalist, and yogi of the highest calibre. He is a blessing to us, she said in a string of tweets.

According to Rajamouli

“I worked under a cousin of mine [the Telugu author Gunnam Gangaraju] for a few months. He presented The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand to me. I read those books, and they had a big influence on me. Although I didn’t fully understand all of her ideology, I was aware of its fundamentals. During that time, I gradually began to distance myself from religion. My fondness for epic tales like the Mahabharata or the Ramayana never faded even at that point. I did begin to distance myself from the religious components of those writings, but what stuck with me was the depth and brilliance of their drama and storytelling.


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