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John Abraham the Show-Stealing Villain from Dhoom to Pathaan.

It’s time to talk about John Abraham, the antagonist who we nearly supported. All action movies have heroes, but a hero can only really shine when the antagonist is strong enough. Bollywood has, of course, always had outrageous villains, but only a few performers have been able to raise the bar. People have been discussing the action scenes and, well, everything else in Pathaan since since it was released on the big screen.

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The actor portrays Jim, a former RAW agent and the head of the private terrorist group “Outfit X.” Jim is not a random bad guy fighting for no reason. Even if your sympathy just lasts a moment, you would sympathise with him because of his reasoning. John Abraham excels at a skill that few actors possess: playing each role with elegance. Once upon a time, villains were solely shown as ‘good for nothing’ individuals who lacked intelligence, charm, and wit. In action movies, the protagonist is usually better at fighting than the antagonist; in science fiction, the antagonist can scarcely keep up, and so on.

We need performers who can keep us on the edge of our seats now that we have compelling enemies. What makes it compelling is that we have to think that they have it in them to bring an end to the hero. Most individuals experienced that sensation of horror for the first time when watching John Abraham in Dhoom. He had what we now refer to as “swag.” He had more iconic sequences than any other character, as everyone who has seen the movie will attest. If others start imitating a villain’s style, that is a sign that they have done a good job.

Only Jim could possible equal the understated attitude that Kabir (his character in Dhoom) possessed during his whole presence. Additionally, it takes a lot of work to maintain interest when sharing the screen with SRK, yet John Abraham did so with Pathaan. On the other hand, as an actor, looking nice while jumping, climbing, murdering, and other such activities is definitely one of the toughest things to do. John, though, makes it seem simple. Give the guy a bike and some gear, and he’ll turn it into a fashion display.

At this point, it appears like casting John Abraham as the adversary is YRF’s magic formula for success: when you need a decent movie, just ask John to play the bad guy. Voila! Oh, and we MUST comment about the type of BGM he consistently receives. After I exited the theatre, all I could hear was Jim entering and the background music (other than Jhoome Jo Pathaan, of course). It goes without saying that his entrance gave everyone shivers.

His character had a compelling history, which was another positive trait. Jim wasn’t always a nasty person; the evidence was only secondary. John Abraham thus briefly takes on the role of the noble person who loved his people but was “lured to the evil side.” It differs from the way most villains appeared by accident and had no purpose. As a result, they were unable to leave an impact while the hero was still alive (which they always do). However, we want an actor who can play a nice person in order to demonstrate that the villain has (or formerly had) a good side. If given that one opportunity, we want to know what a person could have been able to accomplish. John Abraham performs it skillfully once more.

Call me a simp, but John Abraham has managed to raise the bar for antagonists, yet again. And we should talk about it .


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