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Isha Ambani returns to Mumbai after giving birth to twins in US

Isha Ambani, the daughter of businessman Mukesh Ambani, arrived in Mumbai on December 24 with her husband, Anand Piramal, and their new twins. On November 19, 2022, in Los Angeles, California, a girl named “Aadiya” and a boy named “Krishna” were born to the Piramal couple. It was Isha Ambani’s first trip to India with her young children since giving birth. The Ambani and Piramal families therefore joined forces to plan a lavish welcome for the couple and their twins in order to make the event unique.
At the Kalina airport
Isha and Anand were welcomed by their adoring fathers Mukesh Ambani and Ajay Piramal. Akash Ambani and Anant Ambani also accompanied them. The couple travelled from the airport to their Worli home in Mumbai, “Karuna Sindhu.” Swati Piramal, Isha’s mother-in-law, was seen waiting at the front door for the couple and their young children. Isha, Anand, and the twin infants were welcomed at the home by Nita Ambani as well. The opulent home of Mukesh Ambani’s only daughter was decked with extravagant decorations including flowers and statues.
To assure the safety of the newborn children during the flight, a special team of qualified medical professionals was dispatched. The Emir of Qatar himself sent the flight that Isha boarded. He is Mukesh Ambani’s close friend. Dr. Gibson, one of the top paediatricians in the country, was also present.
Perkins and Will created the nurseries at Karuna Sindhu. To ensure that natural sunlight is flowing throughout the nurseries, there are revolving beds and automatic roofing.

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A total of eight fully qualified American nannies and nurses will be caring for the twins.
Clothing created by Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Loro Piana will be worn by the children. To ensure comfort, BMW has created specifically designed vehicle seats for the kids.
Isha and her family will reportedly be honoured on December 25 with a large religious celebration planned by the families, who have called priests from all around India. The celebrations will be held to ask God for his blessings on the new babies. On this occasion, the Ambani would contribute 300 kilogrammes of gold. Prasad from well-known Indian temples including Tirupati Balaji Temple in Tirumala, Shrinathji-Nathdwara, Shree Dwarkadhish Temple, and others will be served during the prayer gathering.

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