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Is there a chance of Atlanta Falcons making it to the playoffs?

Although anything can happen in the National Football League, the Atlanta Falcons came as an unusual surprise for the NFL. The team’s coach Mr. Arthur Smith seems to have worked diligently on the team’s skills.

Usually, the Falcons might have folded against Panthers in a game like that on Saturday; however, the team was victorious even when no one presumed they would win. Also, not only did the Falcons won, they currently sit on the top in their division.

Will Atlanta Falcons host the playoffs?

There is a true possibility of the Falcons hosting the playoffs this time! If they did, it will be their first postseason contest since 2017. Although the odds were against the team’s victory, but now that they have reached the top, let’s cherish the moment.

The Falcons stand at 4-4 with huge playoff aspirations. Even when the rostered players receive negligible amounts with eighty million dollars in dead money, the team stands tall with a competitive face. The coach Mr. Arthur Smith has surely taken care of improving the team’s belief in themselves. also read:- FIFA president Infantino praises India for hosting the U-17 women’s world cup

As per the FiveThirtyEight, the team holds a forty-five per cent chance of reaching the playoffs, and a thirty-eight per cent chance of winning the division. The numbers have turned in favour of the team after victory over Carolina.

Where does the Falcons stand in NFL?

The Atlanta Falcons stand in the middle with a 4-4 score. The Eagles have once again displayed vigour by standing on top with 7-0 score. The Bucaneers have one of the best football players known as Tom Brady, so they might play a supreme match against the Falcons.

What happens further for Falcons depend on the upcoming scheduled matches! The team should concentrate on winning the division, so one of the most impactful match will be the one with the Bucaneers, which will decide the team’s fate.

The week 18 contest changed the odds for the Falcons a bit; however, if the team stands victorious in the division, then it would be an accomplishment worth noticing. Imagine a growing team with not-so talented rosters makes it to the playoff – incredible, isn’t it?


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