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India vs Australia: Marnus Labuschagne, the pineapple on pizza loving underdog, on his duel with Ravindra Jadeja and instinct

India vs. Australia: Marnus Labuschagne strikes me as being incredibly intelligent for someone who enjoys pineapple on pizza. Shut up now. There isn’t any disagreement about it. There is no doubt that those who favour fruit over the Italian treat outnumber those who do not.

The world’s best Test batter makes it clear in his most recent newsletter, titled “an update from India,” that “I love being the underdog” and that he is “optimistic of a strong fightback” from the Australian team in a Test match that begins on Friday.

Those who shrugged their shoulders when they heard Marnus Labuschagne was the “world’s best Test batter” would have labelled him the underdog. They would say things like, “So what he’s scored 3150 runs across in 33 Tests, he’s yet to face India at home.” However, even they in the wake of Nagpur would concur that the number three was Australia’s best in a hopeless situation, along with Steve Smith.

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“Any team that comes to India faces a tremendous challenge because playing in India is so different from anywhere else. “When I think back on the first test, I remember feeling like I could see the ball.”

What happened in their matchup during his first two Indian innings against Ravindra Jadeja?

He had lost to the Nagpur match’s player of the match in both innings. trapping him square on the back foot with one that turned from the middle and leg line, while luring him with a slower one that turned away in the first.

Labuschagne quickly added a comparison, noting that “in the first innings, it seemed as though Jadeja in particular was getting about one in every six to turn, with the rest sliding on.”

However, Labuschagne managed to survive Jadeja’s and the rest of the Indian attack for 122 deliveries of his innings.  Labuschagne resisted the urge to lunge for the majority of his innings, walking too far down the wicket before eventually losing his wicket in the process.

The dismissals would have hurt him because he had worked so hard to earn his wicket since making his debut in 2019. Particularly considering that a year prior to the tour to Pakistan, he started building his capacity to access resources to counter spin in the subcontinent.


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