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Imran Khan avoids arrest after police arrive at his Lahore home

Imran Khan, the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, avoided arrest on Sunday. When Islamabad Police arrived at his Zaman Park mansion in Lahore with a court summons to arrest him for his frequent absences from Toshakhana court sessions.

Police arrived at Imran Khan house

The 70-year-old former prime minister, who has been recovering from a gunshot wound sustained in an attempted murder last year. He has three times skipped the indictment hearings in the case, according to Dawn.

Just after noon on Sunday, the Islamabad Police and their Punjab Police counterparts arrived at Imran Khan’s home. Were met by a crowd of PTI supporters and party leaders. They were then told that the PTI leader was “unavailable,” the statement claimed.

The number of PTI workers outnumbered the police presence. And the Islamabad police chief had already promised that they wouldn’t return empty-handed, thus the arrest was not possible.

Imran Khan addressed a televised party function from his Zaman Park home as speculation about his whereabouts was going on for hours.

He declared that he had never “bowed before any man or institution. And will never allow you do so as well” when addressing the audience of PTI supporters.

Imran Khan claimed that he had invited the general population to Zaman Park to honour them for their involvement in the “Jail Bharo Tehreek” (court arrest movement). He said, “I didn’t contact you for my support; I called you to thank you.

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He is hiding information about the items he kept from the Toshakhana

He is accused of hiding information about the items he kept from the Toshakhana. A storage facility where gifts given to government officials by foreign officials are held, in his asset declarations. According to Dawn, officials are legally permitted to keep gifts as long as they pay a pre-assessed sum, which is often a small portion of the gift’s value.

The Islamabad Police said an operation to arrest Imran was being carried out with the assistance of the Lahore police in a series of tweets on Sunday.

The Superintendent of Police had “gone inside Imran’s room. But he was not present there,” it said, adding that the PTI head was “avoiding” arrest.


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