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Hrithik Roshan wins the love of audiences in Japan with the release of his nine year old film, Bang Bang

One of the few remaining superstars in the Hindi film industry is Hrithik Roshan. The actor has contributed to some of the best and most well-liked films in the film industry over the course of a three-decade career. He became an instant star with his first movie, Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, and hasn’t really looked back since. Vikram Vedha, his most recent theatrical movie, was well-received by critics despite its modest box office performance. As he is diligently working on his upcoming movie, Fighter, Siddharth Anand’s sleek action movie Bang Bang, which also starred Katrina Kaif, is making waves in Japan.

One of the first stylized action movies produced in India was Bang Bang.

The movie had an extraordinary amount of anticipation before it came out and did well in theatres, but it didn’t end up becoming as popular as it was anticipated to be. With the typical international markets taken into consideration, the movie performed well both domestically and abroad. Bang Bang was made available in Japan nine years after its premiere in India. The movie has caused a frenzy among the local Japanese population, and it is trending on social media. Just to demonstrate the popularity of the movie nine years after its initial premiere, the action and dance moments are not only adored but are also being reenacted.

Bang Bang is a full-service entertainment package.

Everything an entertainment-seeking audience could want, from romance to dancing to action, is present in this Hrithik Roshan-led production. The film has received a great deal of support from the Japanese public. This could undoubtedly pave the way for further Indian movies, particularly Hindi ones, to be released and be successful there. As most people are aware, RRR recently became the biggest grossing Indian movie in Japan. Demonstrating that there is a market there that is eagerly anticipating the introduction of quality Indian movies.

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A Japanese duet recently sang the famous Bang Bang song “Tu Meri” on Instagram and YouTube, and the video quickly went viral. Not just the song “Tu Meri,” but also the song “Uff” from the movie. It have become very popular on social media among many groups of potential moviegoers.


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