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For the Cowboys, Nahshon Wright and Kelvin Joseph are moving in opposing directions.

Cowboys supporters exploded in rage when Nahshon Wright was selected by the Cowboys with choice number 99 in the 2021 NFL Draft. Wright was considered by many to be the worst pick in the draught class and a clear “reach” to the draught community.
Kelvin When he was chosen 55 choices earlier. Joseph did not elicit the same level of universal contempt.
Despite having some concerns. Joseph was still seen as one of the top undeveloped cornerback prospects in the draught with real “boom” potential. Nobody could see anything but “bust” for Wright’s future. Oh, the ways things may alter.
The draught classmates are on opposing paths nearly two years into their respective professional careers. With Wright assuming a starting position and Joseph on the verge of completely losing his game-day active status.
Joseph started the season as a special teams player and developing prospect following a turbulent offseason and wildly uneven training camp. Joseph was dissatisfied when he was inserted into the defensive starting lineup as a result of injuries to Jourdan Lewis and Anthony Brown.

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Wright replaced Joseph after he was benched after giving up 219 yards. Four touchdowns, a 66.7 completion percentage, and a 147.9 passing rating.
Wright has not been perfect, but he has made progress in becoming competent and even recorded his first career interception. He has demonstrated field awareness and a readiness to intervene in run defence.
Wright may not be the Cowboys’ long-term answer at cornerback 2. But he is their best option right now and is most certainly the strongest candidate for the position as Dallas makes its way to the playoffs.
Joseph has turned into such a liability that it’s possible that he’s too hazardous to even play on special teams. With the postseason just two weeks away, there are few margins for mistake and the outcome may swing any way.
Even though the tale for these two young cornerbacks is far from over. Anything is still possible because of where they currently stand. As a result, things are turning out very differently from how most people had anticipated.

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