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FIFA | Official Wenger Knocks Teams Protesting At World Cup

DOHA, Qatar — Arsène Wenger, a FIFA official. Slammed World Cup teams who tried to make political statements in Qatar on Sunday. Saying they lacked focus for their first games.

Wenger stated that teams that played well in the first game were mentally prepared to focus on the competition rather than “political demonstration.” While speaking as Chief of Global Football Development at a FIFA-hosted media event. The former Arsenal manager did not specify which teams he was referring to.

Denmark and Germany both struggled in their opening games. The Danes drew 0-0 with Tunisia, while Germany lost 2-1 to Japan. Also read:Very few people know: Lord Shiva temples in India

They were one of seven European soccer federations at the World Cup who wanted their captains to wear an armband as part of a Dutch diversity.

Wenger, on the other hand, ignored FIFA’s role in the dispute by avoiding the issue before teams arrived at the World Cup. Then, ostensibly under pressure from Qatari authorities. Allowing it to spill over into November 21, just hours before England and the Netherlands played and won their first games.

Denmark played without protest on Nov. 22. One day before Germany’s players lined up for their pregame team photo. Covered their mouths to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with World Cup organisers. Both teams did not advance to the knockout round.

Denmark did not wear the black jersey in any of its three games.

The Danish soccer federation was consistently critical of Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers who helped build World Cup projects prior to the tournament. Brought toned-down uniforms with a black option to represent the colour of mourning.

Wenger, a long-time commentator for Qatari broadcaster beIN Sports. Stated on Sunday that the World Cup games were well-attended “despite all the negative publicity we received previously.”

Jurgen Klinsmann, who shared the stage with Wenger. Emphasised the mental demands on European players in Qatar and offered a different theory.

“It’s obviously very difficult for coaches to prepare a team in one week,” said Klinsmann. Who coached Germany in 2006 and the United States in 2014.



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